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Adult League

Adult Winter League

Session #1 - Nov 22 - Dec 27, 2020
Session #2 - Jan 10 - Feb 28, 2021


League Coordinator

Amber Matthews - Operations Manager
[email protected]


(Co-Ed) - Players Looking to have fun, get in shape and a social playing environment. 

* Competitive
 (Co-Ed)- Experienced male/female players

* The Competitive League may be played on Friday nights on the dates consistent with the same windows for Session #1 and #2.


Registration Deadline 
Session #1 – Nov. 15, 2020
Session #2 –  Jan 3, 2021

At the time of registration, there must be a 9-player minimum on your roster and the full fee must be paid at registration to lock in your spot.

Limited capacity ~ Entries are limited and teams will be accepted on a first to register basis. Late entries will be placed on standby.

$650 / session (payable by credit card or check prior to scheduling games)

Teams registering for both sessions will receive a $50 refund that can be applied toward Session #2

FC United Indoor Facility – 8610 Milburn Rd. NE, Cedar Rapids, IA

Playing Surface
All games are played on high-grade synthetic grass and realistic to the outdoor game. Cleats may be worn and highly recommended. Cleats must be clean!

10 players. Any exceptions must be pre-authorized by the League Director.
All and any participating players and coaches MUST complete participation acknowledgment and liability waiver prior to playing in any games.
An official team roster must be submitted to the FC United League Director before the commencement of the first game. 


7v7 (including a goalkeeper)
50-Minutes (running clock)
Sub on dead ball situations
No walls. (throw-ins in effect)
No Punting
No Offsides
No Slide-tackling

Facility Rules - WATER ONLY!!
No Gum
No Food or candy
No Spitting
No open cuts/wounds
No Smoking
No flavored drinks, coffee, tea

These rules apply to all players, coaches, and fans.  

Only players and coaches may be on the field. 

Team Representative

Each team must have a designated team representative. That representative will fill out all contact information during the registration process and take responsibility for the team, players, and helping enforce the facility and league rules. 

Projected Game Days  

Session ISession II
Nov 22Jan 17
Nov 29Jan 24
Dec 6Jan 31
Dec 13Feb 7
Dec 27Feb 14
Jan 3Feb 21
Jan 10Feb 28

League Overview & Rules

No Tolerance Policy 
The tournament directors will not accept any abuse of tournament referees, officials, spectators or players. The directors reserve the right to eject and ban from the tournament any individual or team who has abused an official, be it club volunteer or certified referee. Any coach or team official shall be held responsible for the action of any individual who in the opinion of the referee or tournament official, is a supporter of that team. 

Player Equipment
All players must wear their appropriate jersey during game time, shin guards and cleats (no metal studs).

Length of Game
Matches will be played a total of 50 minutes, running clock with NO halftime.

Number of Players
7 players on the field at a time including a keeper with a maximum roster size of 10 players. If a player is ejected from the match, the impacted team may not substitute that player for the remaining of that match. Suspended players will have to contact the League Director, and receive approval to continue before they are allowed to participate in subsequent games. 

There will be no offside rules

No Slide Tackling
Players will be expected to make tackles from their feet. Sliding is okay without contact of a player. EXAMPLE saving a ball from going out of bounds is okay, making contact with a player is not.

Subbing Rules
Subs are made the designated area during a dead-ball situation. Substitutions are unlimited throughout the match. When making a substitution, the player leaving the pitch MAY NOT be involved in the play (receiving a pass, defending a player) while the other player is entering the field. Players leaving the field are expected to do so in a quick manner as to not interrupt the game or gain an advantage.

Keepers are not allowed to punt the ball. Keepers must distribute from either their hands or feet. Keepers may use their hands within the 12-yard designated box. An infraction will result in an indirect free kick from the halfway line to the opposing team. 

Goal Kicks: Will be taken within the goal box as a direct kick.
Corner Kicks: Direct.
Ball Hits the Roof: The ball will be spotted directly underneath the point of contact and presented as a direct kick for the opposing team. 
Throw-Ins: Will be used when the ball is out of bounds from the touchline. 
Defenders: Defenders must stay at least 5 yards away on all restarts. 

Goal Size: 7x21 

Field Size: 60x40

Contact Us

FC United

8610 Milburn Rd 
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52411

Email: [email protected]

FC United

8610 Milburn Rd 
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52411

Email: [email protected]
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