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ECNL Regional League


ECNL - Elite Clubs National League

ECNL Regional League 


The ECNL was founded in 2009 as a challenge to the status quo of youth soccer, with a vision to be better. In its first years, the league supported only girls programming, but that was to change.

As a result of grassroots collaboration and innovation driven by youth soccer leaders all around the country, the ECNL quickly rose to national prominence – and ultimately to be the top level of competition and player development in the country. Each step was fueled by a shared commitment to elevating the youth soccer experience.

From inception, the ECNL consistently developed in alignment with the needs of its member clubs, always seeking opportunities to lead and provide more, no matter the challenge or adversity. The four letters “ECNL” have become the embodiment of collaborative innovation, opportunity, respect, development, and excellence in youth soccer, as the once-radical idea of clubs having a voice to determine their future proved to produce results never before seen in youth soccer. Unrivaled numbers of female players, of constantly improving quality, began moving on to the collegiate, professional, and national team levels as the ECNL impact changed youth soccer.

In 2017, the landscape again demanded more and the ECNL Boys was founded, setting the stage for an amazing period of rapid growth, increasing quality and further change in youth soccer. Starting with 57 of the top boys clubs in the country, the creation of the Boys ECNL once again demonstrated how a total commitment to improving the experience of players, coaches, clubs, and the environment in which they develop, can change everything.

Today, the ECNL represents the epitome of excellence in youth soccer, for boys and girls, as the league and its clubs, players, coaches, and everyone involved seeks to constantly “Raise the Game” for the future.

“The ECNL was created to elevate and change the competitive youth soccer landscape by extending developmental principles espoused by U.S. Soccer into more age groups and clubs, by linking competition with player development and identification platforms”

Through our inclusion of the ECNL we have been able to elevate the experience for soccer players in Iowa and enhanced player development, whether preparing for high school or collegiate programs. The format of the league has allowed all of our players an opportunity to consistently compete against other high-level teams while maintaining a club-wide developmental pathway.


ECNL Regional League Benefits

ECNL Girls Regional Leagues are operated and managed so as to ensure a consistent environment and level of professionalism across all leagues, facilitating more club connectivity between levels of play and providing a path for more players within each Member Club to reach their fullest potential.  Each league allows for coordination and collaboration between the teams of different levels within ECNL clubs, or opportunity for teams and players in other clubs to develop through regular high-level competition.

The ECNL Girls Regional Leagues will offer a pathway to an ECNL Girls Regional League Post-Season, featuring two stages. The ECNL Regional League Championship Series will consist of four regional events held across the country to qualify into the ECNL Regional League Finals along with additional automatic qualifiers from ECNL Regional Leagues, which will be held in conjunction with the ECNL Girls Post-Season.


     Set Play Dates – Predictability of schedule

     Centralized Locations - All teams (u13-u19) at a common location on the same dates

     Roster Flexibility - Schedule allows for teams to assist other age groups (up) as needed and in accordance with playing limitations

     Competition - High level of competition on a consistent basis with other quality clubs in the Midwest.

     Exposure – College Scouting Venues

     ECNL Showcases – Our ability to select and determine the best potential fit for an event for each team enhances not only the viability of       these events, but also the opportunities for our players.

     Cost Control – Most travel schedules will typically require only one night of lodging.

     Hosting - FC United host dates will eliminate some travel weekend as we host other high-level clubs

     Player Development – Instill a healthy and internally competitive environment


Training Structure

  • All teams will train 2-4 times per week
  • All teams will train 2X per week during winter training
  • All players participating in the ECNL must adhere to the our training thresholds and participation guidelines


Competition Structure

  • Teams participating in the ECNL may have a reduced tournament schedule, to better control expenses and player development.
  • Teams participating in the ECNL would still have traditional local league games.
  • Teams will participate in set events, College Showcases, State Cup, US Club Regionals, ECNL Playoffs (if qualify), and US Club Nationals (if qualify)


Team Formation

  • The club will select and announce a roster of 18-25 for each player pool.
  • Player pools will be selected based on ability, proficiency, mentality, availability/commitment, and athleticism.
  • Should there be any roster modifications required due to injury, lack of commitment, change of availability, and conflicts, US Club/NPL guidelines allow for official rosters to be expanded, up to 25. The expanded roster feature allows teams to maintain some flexibility as players may be added or moved in cases where availability or injury/performance is an issue. We fully acknowledge that injuries and some conflicts are unfortunately a part of the equation, where some flexibility is needed to maintain the structure of the team and the league.


Roster Information

  • In cases where there is a select event, such as College Showcases or other high-level events, player pools may be combined and the roster will be communicated no less than one month prior the event, subject to injuries or urgent situations that arise.
  • Participation may change from game to game due to a number of factors including player availability, player ability, player position and team needs, illness and injury. Any roster adjustments will be determined and communicated by the head coach and coaching staff.

Bid Information (TBD)

  • Players have 12 hours (8am to 8pm) to respond and accept their bid. We will retain a roster position for that player for 12 hours. If we do not receive a response within 12 hours, then the invitation can be deemed declined and that roster spot may be offered to another player. 
  • If a player responds after 12 hours, that player can still be accepted if there are roster spots available, however, the adjusted pricing structure will apply.
  • Do note that there is a discounted cost for bids accepted within the acceptance window.


Alternate Bid Information

  • If someone decides not to accept their bid (roster spot), we can extend the roster spot to a player who may be initially listed as an alternate.
  • We may formally offer alternate bids during or after the 12-hour window.
  • Alternate bids accepted within the subsequent 12-hour window will be honored at the early-bird pricing.


Registration & Location

Registration information will be available on our website at TRYOUTS  

FC United Complex - 8610 Milburn Road, Cedar Rapids, IA 52411


Cost Information (2020-21)

Year-round Training Fees - $TBD
Competition Fees - TBD


Payment Methods


Payment plans are subject to a $5 merchant processing fee per scheduled payment. You may opt to pay any remaining balance in full at any time and eliminate the merchant processing fee.



Financial Assistance Program

Financial Assistance information will be on our website at FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE

This application must be filled out completely and submitted, along with the required documentation, to [email protected]  by June 20, 2024.

Financial assistance, when approved, is applicable to club dues only. Team and individual expenses for uniforms, competition or events are not included in the Financial Assistance Program. Qualified families may be approved for partial assistance, or in some cases, full assistance, based on the circumstances and meeting the criteria that indicate this assistance as appropriate.

Approved applicants will be required to assist with fund-raising campaigns or other cost-saving club activities


Supplemental Expenses

  • Uniform costs are not included in the above annual program registration fee.
  • Team league games/registration and competition fees are not included above. League fees are paid equally by all members of the team.
  • For any events listed as optional, the expenses are allocated only to the players participating in those events. These may include coach lodging, travel reimbursement, and per diem. These expenses must be pre-approved by the club and limited to the club’s Coach Travel Reimbursement Policy.

We will compete in the ECNL-RL with the following objectives:

1. Level of Competition -
The ECNL- RL member clubs will undoubtedly provide a consistently high level of competition at a regional level and expanded to national level exposure. 

2. Regional and National Showcase opportunities
Access to regionally and nationally selective showcases and post season events.

2022/23 Post season 

2022/23 Showcases 

3. Player Identification -
The ECNL-RL format is centered on providing high-visibility events to maximize exposure to college coaches and a platform to assist with the college recruiting process. 

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FC United

8610 Milburn Rd 
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52411

Email: [email protected]

FC United

8610 Milburn Rd 
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52411

Email: [email protected]
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