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13U-15U Premier Select

Training to Compete –

The FC United Academy is intended for players who are passionate about playing soccer, committed to training, and committed to competing.  The objective is still to endorse an internally and externally competitive environment for our players and our teams. Recognizing that player’s times tend to be more limited thus a more committed effort from each player is necessary in order to maintain that culture and support the developmental objectives at these ages. Technical development will continue to be provided, however players are also expected to perform additional self-training and independent work.

We will begin to introduce the players to various formations and we will expect that they become students of the game. A certain portion of their training will consist of game analysis, positional evaluations, physical preparation and developing the mental capacity necessary to execute team and individual objectives.

Internal competition becomes more significant and players will be expected to challenge each other to perform and compete. Playing time is not allocated equally. It is based on Preparation, Participation and Performance.

Training is compulsory and team events are required. Communication and accountability to one’s self and to the team are expected.



During the fall and spring seasons, players will be expected to train three nights per week as part of their team training. An additional Technical Development training or Individual Skill Training for Goalkeepers will be offered and required for all players in this age group. All training sessions will be directed by our professional coaching staff and last approximately 60-90 minutes. 

Although we will continue to be cognizant of multi-sport participants, the expectation is that our Premier team players prioritize their training and games during our key seasons of fall and spring. All players will have the opportunity to train during the winter and our Premier team players will be expected to participate in the Winter Technical Development Program.

Our teams will participate in the Iowa Soccer League, the EIYSL, and/or the National Premier League as assigned by the club. They will play approximately 6-10 league matches per season. These matches are played on Saturdays and/or Sundays and travel will be required for league games.  

All teams will play in 2-3 tournaments per fall and spring season. We will adhere to our development-appropriate philosophy and assign teams to tournaments based on the projected level of competition and/or team preparation. Our Premier teams will be expected to attend in elite-level tournament that will require travel and overnight stay. 

Our Premier teams will compete in the Iowa State Cup Championships and/or US Club Regionals.  

Coaching Staff
All training sessions for our teams will be conducted by our Professional Coaches. 

Team Formation
Players will be placed on either a Premier or Competitive roster based on the Club's assessment and development-appropriate for the team.

Premier v Competitive - How it's defined

The difference between participating in a Premier and Competitive player lies first in the in the level of commitment and investment and secondly in the player's individual ability at that time. 

Below are some characteristics typical of Premier level players. If your child displays a majority of the characteristics listed they are probably more suited to the Premier level of play. However, it should be noted that during a player’s soccer development they could be moved from Competitive to Premier, or vice-versa, depending on any changes to their level of commitment or performance.

• Demonstrates a solid technical foundation (control, dribbling, and shooting)
• Demonstrates great comfort with the ball at their feet and the ability to work their way of of pressure
• Demonstrates tactical understanding of the game and game situations. 
• High level of fitness.
• Is combative in training and in games. 
• Demonstrates an independent commitment to their personal development
• Demonstrates high level of passion and concentration during practices and games
• Soccer is a high priority and demonstrates a passion to play and compete

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FC United

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