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2018 Winter Magic schedule

Sunday, February 18th
13U/14U Boys
High School Division Boys
High School Division Girls

Saturday, February 24th

13U / 14U / 15U COMBO

Sunday, February 25th
12U Girls
13U/14U Girls

2018 Winter Magic Tournament

What is the Winter Magic Tournament? 
The Winter Magic Tournament provides local club team players the opportunity to enhance their soccer skills and teamwork through competition while in the off season. All games are played at our new, state of the art facility and on field turf. All games are realistic to outdoor with standard touchlines and end lines (no walls).

FC United’s Indoor Turf Field
Located at 8610 Milburn Rd. NE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Why Sign up for the Winter Magic Tournament?
We offer a competitive structure that brings together the best players in Iowa and allows them to compete together as they hone their skills and prepare for their spring or fall season. In addition, our league games will be played on the best field turf field in the industry, not gymnasium floors or low grade turf. Our club is committed to the development of our high level players, who will ultimately compete for their high school programs, and to the development of the growth of the sport in our area.

When Does the Tournament Begin?
Sunday, February 18th: 15U+ BOYS & GIRLS | 13-14U Boys
Saturday, February 24th: 12U-14U BOYS
Sunday, February 25th: 12U-14U GIRLS



2018 Tournament Overview

Format of League
5v5 including a keeper with a maximum roster size of 10. 

Although this is an indoor league, the use of walls will not be allowed. Restarts include the usual throw-ins, goal kicks, and corner kicks. No goal kicks over mid-line.

The field is nearly 45 yards wide by 75 yards long allowing players room on the ball. We encourage all players to wear cleats as the turf is in great condition. All players must follow our indoor complex rules, NO exceptions.

Number of Games Per Team
Each team will play 3-4 games, depending on advancement format.

Match Duration
Matches will be played a total of 40 minutes, running clock with no half time.

Number of Teams Accepted
30 total teams will be accepted into the league on a first come first serve basis. PLEASE NOTE there will be no room for more then 30 teams in the tournament. Wait listed teams will be kept on first to register priority. Registration fills up quickly so please make sure you register far in advance from the projected deadline date.

Cost of Tournament: $250
The total cost will equate to $25 per player on a 10 player roster, however the full fee must be paid at registration to lock in your spot.

Registration Opens:
January 1, 2018
Registration Deadline:
February 10, 2018

League Schedule/Brackets Release Date:

How to Register:
Registration can be found at the bottom of this page.

Method of Payment:
Credit Card

An official team roster must be submitted to the FC United Tournament Director before the commencement of first game. Please note: Once the final roster is submitted, players cannot be added for the duration of the event

Tournament Rules

No Tolerance Policy
The tournament directors will not accept any abuse of tournament referees or officials. The directors reserve the right to eject and ban from the tournament any individual or team who has abused an official, be it club volunteer or certified referee. Any coach or team official shall be held responsible for the action of any individual who in the opinion of the referee or tournament official, is a supporter of that team. 

Player Equipment

All players must wear their appropriate jersey during game time, shin guards and cleats (no metal studs). The home team must provide an alternate color.

Length of Game
Matches will be played a total of 40 minutes, running clock with NO half time.

Number of Players
5 players on the field at a time including a keeper with a maximum roster size of 10 players.

There will be no offside rules

Players will be expected to make tackles from their feet. Sliding is okay without contact of a player. EXAMPLE saving a ball from going out of bounds is okay, making contact with a player is not.

Subbing Rules
Subs are made on the fly from the designated area. Substitutions are unlimited throughout the match. When making a substitution, the player leaving the pitch MAY NOT be involved in the play (receiving a pass, defending a player) while the other player is entering the field. Players leaving the field are expected to do so in a quick manner as to not interrupt the game or gain an advantage.

Keepers are not allowed to punt the ball. Keepers must distribute from either their hands or feet. Keepers may use their hands in the 12 yard designated box and the use of feet past that. The following infraction will result in an indirect free kick from the half line to the opposing team. 

Goal kicks: Will be taken within the goal box as an in-direct kick
Corner Kicks: Direct kick
Ball Hits the Roof: The ball will be spotted directly underneath the point of contact and presented as a indirect kick for the opposing team. 
Kick-ins: Will be used when the ball is out of bounds from the touch line. All kick-ins are indirect. 
Defenders: Defenders must stay at least 5 yards away on all restarts. 

Goal Size: 7x21 

Field Size: 30X40 

Advancement Rules: 
No overtime or shootouts in pool play.

Point System: 
- 3 Points for a win 
- 1 Point for a tie 
- 0 Points for a lose

Head-to-Head (not used if three or more teams are tied) 
- Goals differential (maximum 8 per game) i.e. - 12-0 win will be scored as +8 for goal difference. 
- Fewest Goals Allowed
- Most Goals Scored
- Penalty kicks Penalty Shootout Procedure 
- Three kicks to be taken by any three players on the roster. If two teams are still tied after three kicks, the same three players will take the additional kicks on a sudden death basis. 

Ejection Rules: 
Players who receive a red card will be ejected for the remainder of the game and suspended for the following game. 



Mandatory Participation Waiver


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FC United

8610 Milburn Rd 
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FC United

8610 Milburn Rd 
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52411

Email: [email protected]
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