Our Club –

The roots for our club were founded in 2002. Our club is currently one of the largest Premier clubs eastern Iowa and one of the leading clubs in our state.  We offer a program that introduces the recreational player to a higher educational environment at u4-u8 and culminates with Premier players at u11-u18. Our teams compete at every level of play from Gold flights and Regional events to College Showcases, winter indoor events and Futsal.

Our club is one of very few in our state that offers an inclusive approach to program features.  These features include Winter Technical Training, Goalkeeping Training, Speed & Agility Training, Team Mini Camps, and Summer Continuity Training.  All of these are offered within the scope of our program as part the standard annual dues of our club.

Club Goal -

We are a dedicated first and foremost to PLAYER DEVELOPMENT and fueling a passion for soccer, a passion for sports and commitment to our teams.  We will strive to create self-sustaining premier teams and are committed to the development of premier players.  We will provide a motivational environment that will nurture our players and allow them to become fully engaged and invested in their development. 

Our goal is to provide the young soccer player with a positive experience that encourages creativity and individual decision-making within a structured team environment. We specifically want young players in our club to develop as soccer players as well as people. FC United is committed to development of our players and their retention in our sport. Players committing to and completing our development program will be properly prepared for whatever their future soccer aspirations may be, including high school, college, Olympic Development Program and regional or national pools.  Ultimately, our Club Goal is to endorse and transfer a passion to succeed.




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